1. Why haven’t you or other Deputies exposed this earlier?

    Most Deputies are people of integrity who entered the States hoping to work co-operatively with colleagues. They fear, as I did, that exposing the darker side of Guernsey politics would alienate them from their colleagues and prevent them working constructively with them.

  2. Why have you chosen this time to expose these issues?

    I reluctantly decided that the only way of preventing these abuses continuing, and potentially getting worse in the next term, is to expose them, regardless of the vicious political attacks which are likely to be targeted at me as a consequence.

  3. Why are more Deputies not openly supporting you?

    Definition: Distancing oneself from a political colleague to prevent contagion, avoiding catching any of the sh1t they are attracting.
    It is common in politics everywhere.

  4. Why didn’t you launch the Islanders Association or join another party/association?

    Being part of a party or association would have required agreeing to a common manifesto and a common message. It would have restricted or prevented me from exposing the ugly side of Guernsey politics and, if I had exposed it from within a party or association, it would have attracted political attacks on the whole group, rather than just me as an individual.

  5. Why do you dress so smartly (overdress)?

    As the Managing Director or CEO of companies in Hong Kong, New York and many other places, a suite (and hat) were my professional ‘uniform’ and an expectation for professional businessmen in a senior position.
    None of these positions compares with the privilege and responsibility of representing our community as a States Deputy. Dressing professionally demonstrates how seriously I take this responsibility.

  6. Why do you always wear a hat?

    Three close family members have had skin cancer on their heads on five occasions. I lost most of my hair while living in Asia in my early 40’s. I started wearing hats to protect my head from the sun and now rarely go outside without one.

  7. What happened in Australia?

    Details can be found at https://meerveld.gg/australian-allegation/.


    J. Meerveld & Sons is owned by two of my younger brothers who worked for the firm from school and inherited it from my father when he died. I have no involvement in the company, I have never owned any shares in it and derive no benefit from it, financial or otherwise.