About Me

I have had an interesting life, although not always easy. 

I grew up in Guernsey with my three younger brothers. Going to Haute Capelles Primary School, then the old St Sampson’s Secondary School (Delancey campus) and finally the Grammar School to study A Level’s. Unfortunately, having dyslexia at a time when it was not recognised in Guernsey, created significantly challenges. 

I started fulltime employment in 1981. My first jobs being in banking and insurance. By 1987 I had risen to a management positions, but the 1987 stock market crash resulted in me being laid off, along with many others in the finance industry.  

This resulted in me taking a sabbatical, dusting off my rucksack from backpacking around Europe years before, and heading off to Asia. First Pakistan, from Karachi on the West coast to the Karakorum mountain range in the east, through the mountains to the boarder of the Kashgar Desert, north to the Swat Valley and Khyber Pass and then the cities of Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Lahore. I then travelled to Kathmandu and some of the most remote areas of Nepal before heading to the remarkably undeveloped beaches of 1980’s Thailand. Finally landing in Hong Kong, intending to spend a week, but not packing up my home and departing for the last time until twenty-seven years later.

I set up my first Hong Kong investment research company early in 1989, a business which eventually became a subsidiary of Standard & Poor’s. I went on to become Managing Director or CEO of the Asian operations of all three of the World’s global fund research companies as well as a number of other businesses and also setup the US operations for one of those companies. 

During that time, I spent a couple of years working in New York and travelling all over the US, I also lived in Singapore for a couple of years and maintained a home in Thailand. While still owning/managing business in Hong Kong.

I have travelled to over ninety countries between my personal adventurous to remote places and extensive business trips. This has introduced me to all kinds of people, cultures and religions. It has added up to a fantastically broad range of experiences, many good, some bad and a few nearly fatal.  

I have achieved virtually all of my teenage ambitions; to become and an international businessman, learn to scuba dive, get a pilot’s license and sail around the World. I am one of the most highly qualified scuba divers in the World, I got my pilot’s license and trained to fly aerobatics and I have sailed 11,000 miles as professional crew on yachts including two Atlantic crossings. Although I have not sailed all the way around the World … yet.

The one achievement I value above all else is becoming father to my two sons. Only after having children do you realise that they are the ultimate meaning of life. This is what prompted me to return to Guernsey, so I could give them the same wonderful childhood I enjoyed in our unique environment.

Ensuring our island remains as wonderful for my sons (and potential grandchildren), as it was for me, is one of my main motivations for standing for election as a States Deputy.